E.T.P, S.T.P, Cooling Tower, Reactor, Pharma Tanks, Aeration Tanks & Lagoon Cleaning

We provide reliable and efficient services for the removal of sludge from ETP, STP, Reactor, Cooling towers and a wide range of other storage tanks across all Industrial sectors using modern machinery and Equipments such as Non-clog pumps, Diesel operated dredge pumps, Vacuum Emptier and Customized Equipment’s wherever required etc.

Our highly skilled and efficient Industrial cleaning and maintenance services can minimize your cost and operational downtime while adding value to your industrial processes.

Our trained and disciplined work force along with our years of expertise in this sector deliver results in the shortest period possible. Our workforce is trained to work even in the harshest of conditions. All this combined with our un-paralled range of sludge handling equipments guarantee that jobs are completed safely with minimum man power and maximum use of mechanical equipments.

Our vast experience is spread across all sectors of the industrial sector. Our Equipment list includes Vacuum Emptier having capacities from 3000 litres upto 20000 litres, Non clog submersible slurry pumps ranging from 1 Hp upto 100 Hp for handling slurry of all sizes and all volumes.We are a partner that understands your needs, with the resources and ability to handle complex issues and unique situations from several locations.

super-sucker   pump