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Darbar Waste Solution

Darbar Waste Solution’s story is one of innovation, growth and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Learn about what makes us progressive, and why we’re becoming the waste provider-of-choice for an ever-growing number of businesses, communities and homeowners throughout Gujarat.


Darbar Waste Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Darbar Group. We are recognized as the leading environmental solutions provider in Gujarat, serving more than 10 million municipal, commercial and industrial customers either directly or Indirectly in Gujarat, India.


Darbar Waste Corporation operates a network of operations that includes more than 10+ Industrial as well as Government sites, 3 Municipal transfer stations, 50+ vehicles for Solid Waste Management and Liquid Waste Services in the Industrial and Government sectors.


Support Clean India

You might wonder why we have taken initiative of supporting clean India MOVEMENT. You might even ask yourself that are we really supporting this movement to make real DIFFERENCE.

As a Youth and future of nation, it is our responsibility to ensure that India is ready to forge and lead by example of 21st century. Over 50% of our population is under 30 and it is critical that we start thinking about issue that are really affecting our country. This cause that we have taken up requires every individual to make serious commitment towards educating himself and others about the seriousness of overcoming this nation and global challenges. 

Our Business

Darbar Waste Corporations is an off-shoot of Darbar Group of companies; Gujarat is one of the leading players in the field of Solid Waste Management services in the country. Darbar Waste Corporation has been providing Solid Waste & Liquid Waste Management services all across the Gujarat. . Darbar Waste Corporation has become one of the pioneers in Solid & Liquid Waste Management. The company has executed more than 25 major projects till date. It further plans to intensify activities in several other parts of the state and country by bringing in the latest technology in the industry and also plans to venture into related environmental projects.


Darbar Waste Corporation over the years, in its pursuit for a clean and green environment has been working in the field of Solid & Liquid Waste Management, using scientific methods, latest technologies and the best management practice in the field. The company, in the forthcoming years plans to enter into much more sophisticated and critical environmental projects in collaboration with international players in the field of engineered municipal solid waste processing and Recycling, composting plants, bio medical waste treatment plants, waste to energy projects etc.

Our Services

We provide reliable and efficient services for the removal of sludge from ETP, STP, Reactor, Cooling towers and a wide range of other storage tanks across all Industrial sectors using modern machiner...

Cleaning of drainage pumping stations and de-choking/cleaning of drainage lines using High Pressure sewer jetting Machine along with a wide range of equipments and modern techniques.

With a large fleet of hydro excavation units,dump/aggregate trucks, we are equipped to service small and large projects throughout Gujarat. Darbar Group has services area through out Gujarat and an...

We provide container lifting services to various Local civic authorities as well as industries.

We at Darbar Group Provide door-to-door garbage pickup services in various Municipalities across Gujarat. We cater to each area of assigned territory to fit their needs.

We at Darbar Group offer contract street power sweeping services for road , street and industrial sector Using our state-of-the-art equipment, thorough knowledge of the industry and superior skills,...