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Dear Citizen of India,

You might wonder why we have taken initiative of supporting clean India MOVEMENT. You might even ask yourself that are we really supporting this movement to make real DIFFERENCE.

As a Youth and future of nation, it is our responsibility to ensure that India is ready to forge and lead by example of 21st century. Over 50% of our population is under 30 and it is critical that we start thinking about issue that are really affecting our country. This cause that we have taken up requires every individual to make serious commitment towards educating himself and others about the seriousness of overcoming this nation and global challenges.

Our Environment, the cities, the Industries, the communities, the municipal street, and the people are the face of India. This is where we live, we work. We all know how important it is to keep our home and workplace clean. Not only for the health reason but also for creating an environment that welcome our guest and provide us sense of pride.

As a youth we have a tremendous power, and as a citizen of India, we can start changing things at our country, by involving more and more people in this movement and getting them to make right choice so that our future of nature is sustainable.

Here at Darbar group we are trying to educate people especially about solid and liquid waste disposable procedure at residential and industrial waste. As a organisation involved in waste management, it is our social responsibility to insure that people know about grave situation on hand. We believe in synergy effect of which will create with a joining hand with citizen of India.

Be a part of clean India movement and support us to take this cause one step ahead.

Join the Movement today with Darbar Waste Management Simply by sending a e-mail on [email protected]

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